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Cirillo Civil’s Commercial Construction Process in a Nutshell 

The construction process covers many steps, excluding the construction phase, from site selection through final inspection (and the many meetings with contractors and stakeholders in between).

It is lengthy and complicated, requiring careful coordination of multiple contractors, costly and dangerous equipment, a large building site, the owner, and a reasonable timeframe. Cirillo Civil is positioned as leaders in the civil landscaping industry and knows just how to effectively manage and fulfil the civil construction sydney needs for your next project. 

Sydney civil construction

Here is how: 

1. Careful planning and consideration

Planning and development, often known as project conceptualisation, is the first step in building. Our clients envision the desired structure or facility, and we plant the seed (so to speak). Here, the most flexible ideas are also (perhaps paradoxically) the basis for the building process. To ensure proper construction, everything is done with care by our professional team, ensuring whatever is imagined is brought to life.

2. Begin the design

The design phase is when your client’s unrealistic (or at least prohibitively costly) ambitions collide with what is feasible without crushing your client’s expectations and desires. During this phase, our clients can begin to visualise the final product for the first time. Our vision is the same as yours, and we do the best we can to ensure an outcome suitable for all. 

3. Pre-construction phase

We are now in the pre-construction phase. This is the “getting ready” stage. Cirillo Civil ensures that all proposals and prerequisites are fulfilled at this stage. We begin work on the project, all the while our team coordinates all construction operations on-site, work schedules, and material/equipment delivery, simultaneously considering the natural environment. 

4. Procurement of resources

Procurement is simply the purchase (or rental) of all the materials required for the project. This entails locating personnel, equipment, and building supplies in the construction industry. This is where timetables can really get tangled. You have a lot of different delivery schedules and vendors to manage so that the correct products get into the hands of the right people at the correct times; just leave it to Cirillo Civil.

5. Construction

It’s time to start digging in the earth, pouring concrete, bending rebar, and firing up the welder. The project has now transitioned from paper (or, more precisely, a CAD drawing) to the tangible world. However, this phase has the most functional elements and deadlines to organise. Each stakeholder or contractor must be on time and adhere to the blueprints for things to function. Organisation and communication are essential here, and luckily for our clients, it is our forte.

6. Post-Construction Phase

Everything is in place, but completion is almost afoot. The final checklist, known as a project punch list, must be signed off. That last walk-through review ensures that everything is completed appropriately, according to legislation and local standards. 

At the last official inspection, public officials get to it as everyone else chews their nails. Only after this step that the work is truly done, and it becomes time to call it quits and send everybody home. 

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As always, Cirillo Civil is here for all of your landscaping needs.