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10 low-maintenance landscaping plants to easily decorate your home and garden.

Landscape Maintenance Sydney

Low maintenance landscaping plants are easy to grow and require little care. If you have a garden, you can grow them easily. They are also great for people who are on a tight budget and want to get the most out of their money.

Low maintenance landscaping plants are a perfect choice if you want a small garden or patio that requires minimal upkeep. You will not have to spend time weeding or watering these plants and they will not need much sunlight either. The best part is that they produce unique flowers, fruits and vegetables!

An excellent place to start is by reading the below and deciding on which set of plants to adopt for a better-looking home and getting back some fruits from your labour.

  • Barberry
    With thorny stems that provide home security, it is a wonderful foundation plant. Once it has grown, this compact, thick shrub can withstand drought. For its vibrant orange young shoots that change to chartreuse on the leaf edges as the season goes on, we enjoy the Sunjoy Tangelo variety.
    Some barberries are invasive; hence some cities might not allow their cultivation.
    For the greatest foliage colour, plant barberry in the spring in wet but well-drained soil in part or full sun. After the final cold days, and when new growth appears, prune to shape if needed in the summer, and fertilize in the spring.
  • Forsythia
    Early bloomers, forsythias herald the arrival of spring with their sunny yellow blooms. It would help if you planted your forsythia in broad sunshine and sometimes trim the bush to keep it looking its best.
  • Vinca Minor (Periwinkle)
    One of the lowest maintenance floral plants you could grow in your yard is vinca minor, sometimes known as periwinkle. Utilised as a ground cover, this trailing variety adds evergreen beauty and controls weeds. The shrub flowers are purple all spring and summer long.
  • Fescue
    Homeowners have long used fescue as a drought-resistant substitute for common grass. Try it out in your landscape if you’re not ready to make the transition.
  • Bergenia

    Bergenia is a plant that will thrive in nearly any environment, whether it is sunny or shady, and its attractive dark, wide leaves add beauty to the yard. Positioning them in full light can boost the likelihood of pink and magenta flowers in the spring if you want yours to flower.

  • Ajuga
    Any ground cover can suffice for residents who desire a vibrant landscape but lack time to care for it; nevertheless, Ajuga, with its glossy leaves, is an especially intriguing option. Ajuga is a creeping plant that comes in various hues, from green to burgundy. Because it spreads if you don’t manage it, be careful where you place it.
  • Gold Thread Cypress
    Low-care Gold Thread Cypress is an excellent shrub for accent and foundation plantings. Because of its sluggish growth and compact growth pattern, it requires relatively little trimming. Despite its magnificent golden hue, this plant is evergreen and will provide year-round illumination for your landscape.
  • Blue Mist Spirea
    Heat-resistant, drought-resistant and deer-resistant, this hardy pollinator plant does well in full sun to partial shade. The low-maintenance shrub sends forth blue flowers in summer and needs little more than seasonal pruning to keep it growing strong.
  • Coreopsis
    You will be delighted by the colour of Coreopsis, a perennial flower, from early summer to early October. Coreopsis provides lovely cut flowers in hues, including yellow, orange, pink, purple, and red, that may be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. It tolerates almost any soil condition and is a simple plant to cultivate.
  • Indian Hawthorn
    Indian Hawthorn is a tiny, slowly-growing evergreen shrub that doesn’t require trimming to keep its shape. It is not picky about the soil; once it is established, it can withstand mild drought. It blooms in the spring with clusters of pink or white flowers, followed by dark blue berries that draw birds and other animals throughout the year.

Who wouldn’t want a thriving, vibrant landscape just outside their window? Greenery improves your home’s exterior appeal, but it also takes up a lot of your spare time. There is no such thing as a landscape that requires no upkeep, but selecting better plants can reduce the amount of landscape maintenance Sydney needed. We hope you have learned something new by reading this article. Please contact us here to learn more about how we can be of support to your project.