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Retaining walls in civil construction

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Retaining walls are an essential element in commercial and residential landscape construction. They are the basis of agricultural beds and make a great way to level ground, while adding a unique aesthetic and practical function.

Without these walls, your property is left vulnerable to erosion, damage, and theft.

Building infrastructure that has anything to do with water, the ground, or transportation is referred to as civil construction. As a subset of civil engineering, it deals with maintaining, designing, and creating both naturally occurring and physically built environments, including highways, railroads, structures, water reservoirs, neighbourhoods, airports, bridges, sewage networks, tunnels, and dams.

In short, to ensure a sustainable and functional retaining wall, investing in a company that offers and specialises in numerous civil construction services is essential. 

What is a retaining wall, and do construction companies build retaining walls?

The answer, in short, is yes!

Retaining walls prevent erosion and provide strength, stability, and support in the face of gravity. They are most often used in agricultural areas, where homes are built on hillsides or slopes, and in urban areas.

The type of retaining wall applied will depend on the characteristics of your property and how you intend to use it. The walls can be made out of stone or concrete and can boast decorative or functional features such as steps, arches, or groves.

The key to retaining walls is their height. A properly designed and constructed wall is needed to keep the property safe and protected from the elements and hefty rainfall. A good engineer/architect will create a proper retaining barrier that holds back the earth and protects you and the property against natural hazards.

Usually built using a combination of rock and concrete, retaining walls are typically constructed in conjunction with other landscaping maintenance elements from the plan up.

In addition to their typical use as structures aligned perpendicular to terrain and existing roads, they help limit erosion and reduce floodwaters while levelling your grounds for agricultural purposes or simply to visually separate land levels on the property.

Why trust us with building a Retaining Wall?

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Applying long-term solutions to civil construction

Cirillo Civil Group is a well-established civil construction firm with years of experience, offering a full range of civil construction, commercial remediation, and residential services, including a retaining wall service.

We have the experience and expertise in designing, building, and maintaining high-quality civil infrastructure that meets strict industry standards. We provide professional consultation at every design stage to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

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